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Our Staff and Governors 


Ms Karen L White MA (SESI)

School Leadership Team

Head, Lower School Mr Colin Frost
Head, Upper School Mrs Caroline Webb
Head, The Bridge Miss Karen Lacey
Head, Learning Development Mrs Janine Allen
Director, Business & Finance Mrs Julia Knight

Admin Staff

Business Manager Mr David Alexander
Finance Officer Ms Bushra Majid
Office Administrators

Ms Louise Buchanan
Mrs Leah Smy

Learning Environment Officers Miss L Baldwinson
Mr P Newman


The Teachers

Mrs L Anderson Mr B Pay
Mrs L Apps Mrs A Pedder
Mr M Bristow Miss K Pocock
Ms S Carr Mrs A Pooley
Mrs G Clifford Ms M Portundo
Miss A Cunningham Mrs S Pyrke
Mr M Gates Mrs H Russell
Miss C Griffiths Mrs S Saputo
Miss A Haggerty Mr A Sieber
Mrs L Hardy Ms S Simpson
Mrs K Lindsey Miss J Slade
Ms Lynette McArthur Miss S Slade
Mrs T Morris Mrs L Storey
Ms S Nawell Mrs K Upchurch
Mrs T Notley Miss A Verma

Graduate Trainee Teachers

Miss L Flynn

Mr D Oates


Support Workers

Home School Support

Mrs Helen Buck

Ms Jane Mason
Ms Anna Sims

Academy Support Ms H Griffiths
Inclusion Support

Mr B Stephens

Miss L Croucher

Mrs J Fukaya

Behaviour Support

Mrs S Bradley

Ms A Grant

Ms K Legg

Ms S Roberts

Bridge Support

Ms J Best

Mrs L Bungay

Mr B Gosnell

Mr B Haigh
Miss J Kyle

Premises Team

Ms M Phipps

Miss C Allen