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What is my child learning?

Like to know more about what your child will be learning?  We thought it would be really useful to produce a simple chart for you so that you know what topics are when.  This way you can look for information, visit places and be prepared for home learning.

Early Years

Development matters

  Topic & Curriculum Content
Autumn Term

All About Me

Science - Inside the human body

Spring Term


A visit to the farmyard

Summer Term

Ground Air and Water

The world around us, how things grow. 

Year 1

  Topic & Curriculum Content
Term 1

Me and My World

Geography & Science

Term 2

Toys, Toys, Toys

History & Science

Term 3

Worldly Tales

Design Technology & Science

Term 4

Starry Night

Arts & Science

Term 5

Captivating Castles

History & Geography

Term 6

Ahoy there!

Design & Technology

Lower School

  Topic & Curriculum Content
Term 1

Why do we speak English at school?

History  - what languages the Invaders & Settlers brought with them

Term 2

How does electricity work?

Science - the use of circuits in reactive games

Term 3

Should we stop eating chocolate?

Geography - economic benefits compared to healthy eating

Term 4

The games children play

History - learning games from the past

Term 5

Are bugs important

Science - investigate the benefits of bugs

Term 6

How can we make living here better for everyone?

Geography - local study

Upper School

  Topic & Curriculum Content
Term 1

What is it made of?

Science - Properties & changes to materials

Term 2

Has there ever been a better time to live here?

History - Turning points in local history

Term 3

The Highwayman

Poetry, Art & Dance

Term 4


Science & DT - design, make and evaluate rides

Term 5

Our Place

Science - living things & their habitats

Term 6

Mini Enterprise


Nurture classes

  Topic & Curriculum Content
Term 1

Mysterious Materials (Science)

Author of the term - Helen Oxenbury

Includes Instructions to build houses out of different materials

Term 2

Autumn in School (Geography)

Author of the term - Julia Donaldson

Includes a setting description and an adventure story

Term 3

Shimbleshanks (Music, Art & Drama)

Author of the term - TS Elliot

Includes playscript and poetry

Term 4

Fairground (Design Technology)

Author of the term - Michael Morpurgo

Includes persuasion and discussion texts

Term 5

World War 2 (History)

Author of the term - Allan Ahlberg

Includes a diary entry

Term 6

Bugs (Science)

Author of the term - Eric Carle

Includes non-chronological report and myths & legends

Full curriculum content is available in our Curriculum Maps