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At Delce Academy, we believe home learning is an important part of the learning process for our children and it is valued as an opportunity for children, parents and teachers to build a shared responsibility for learning.

For this academic year, compulsory homework will be set weekly with optional termly tasks.

Every week, each child will receive weekly homework. This will be set on a Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. This homework is expected to be completed by all pupils. Upon submitting their homework on Wednesdays, this will be acknowledged by the class teacher.

Weekly homework will consist of phonics/spellings, where there will be weekly spelling tests from Year 3 upwards. There will also be a short maths task to complete. Pupils should still read daily and keep a record of this in their reading records. Below is what weekly homework will look like across the different year groups.

  English Maths Reading


Number and Shape 10 minutes a day
Year One


number bonds and arithmetic 10 minutes a day
Year Two


Times tables and arithmetic 15 minutes a day
Year Three and Four


Times tables and arithmetic 20 minutes a day
Year Five


Times tables and arithmetic 30 minutes a day
Year Six Spellings Times tables, arithmetic and CGP Maths Book 30 minutes a day and CGP Reading Book

Every term, children will receive a list of suggested activities they can complete, linking into that term’s learning, across all subjects. These activities are not compulsory to complete, but if your child does complete them, your child can hand in their learning at any time. This will be acknowledged by the class teacher and will be celebrated to show their dedication towards their learning.