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School Gateway


‘School Gateway’ will continue to expand over the forthcoming months. 'School Gateway' allows us to  communicate with parents more quickly and cost effectively via email, text and smartphone app.

We will introduce the services in stages.

Stage 1 (Now) - Messaging

Stage 2 (Now) - Online payments for visits

Stage 3 (scheduled for Autumn 2018) - Attendance reporting and ability to update contact details

We will send you details of how to use the services as we reach each stage.

If you have a smartphone, please download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

Stage 1- Messaging

Step 1 - Download the ‘School Gateway’ app

Step 2 - Select ‘I’m a new user’, enter your email and mobile number – your PIN number will then be sent to your phone

Step 3 - Enter your PIN and login

That is it - you will now receive messages from us through the smartphone app. Your phone will buzz/ring just like when a text message arrives. So you will:

  • receive instant notification of messages
  • receive messages even when there is no mobile signal – provided you’re connected to Wi -Fi
  • not be charged for sending replies back to the school
  • be able to store and receive messages all in one place

If your mobile phone is not able to download the app, we will continue to send messages via text.



Stage 2 - Online payments (assumes you have the app already)

Step 1 - On the home screen click ‘My Payments’ to see a list of any payments due

Step 2 - Choose the payment from the list shown  

Step 3 - The next screen gives information about the trip (date/cost)

Step 4 - Click next to move to the payment screen; here you can enter your card details to make a direct payment to the school