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Delce Academy

Harvest Festival

Every year, Delce Academy makes a fantastic contribution to the local community by generously donating food produce to a local charity. This year, we are once again collecting for the charity “Caring Hands” who seek to assist those in the Medway Towns suffering from isolation, social exclusion, hunger and homelessness. 

If you could contribute anything from the list below, it would be most gratefully received and would certainly be a great way to help those in the community who are in need.  (Please limit any gifts to items on this list only.) Our target is for every pupil to bring in at least one item.



Tinned Items:                                                            Dry Items:

Beans,                                                             Pasta,

Soup,                                                               Lasagne sheets,

Tuna,                                                               Rice,

Vegetables,                                                   Smash,

Tomatoes,                                                     Tea,

Spaghetti,                                                      Coffee,

Ravioli,                                                            Noodles,

Hot dogs,                                                       Savoury rice,

Potatoes,                                                       Sugar,

Fruit.                                                                Powdered milk.


All gifts should be handed in to class teachers by Wednesday 16th October at the very latest.

Thank you in advance for your kind gifts.