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Delce Academy


Why do we like the internet?

  • It is interesting and fun.
  • We can learn a lot from the internet.
  • We use it for our school work.

What are the dangers of children going online?

  • We could see or hear things that are not suitable for children.
  • People on the internet can pretend that they are someone else.
  • People could ask for personal information, which is dangerous.
  • Not everybody on the internet is kind.

Why do we need an e-safety policy?

  • To keep children safe whilst also having fun using the internet at home and at school.
  • To make sure children know what to do if something on the internet makes them worried.

How does Delce Academy keep children safe when they use the internet at school?

  • The grown-ups are always watching us when we use the internet at school.
  • The grown-ups explain to us how to use the Internet safely.
  • Our school filters the search results so that it is OK for children to see.

If children have a problem when they are online, what should they do?

  • Keep calm and tell a grown up straight away.
  • Stay on the page so a grown up can see what has made us feel worried/upset.
  • Block and report anyone that is being unkind.

What should they not do?

  • Do not keep worries to yourself.
  • Do not be unkind back to anybody.
  • Do not delete messages.
  • Do not switch off the computer without telling a grown-up.

Our internet rules are:

  • We ask permission before using the internet and we only use websites that a grown-up has told us to use.
  • We never share our passwords with anyone else.
  • We must never give anyone our personal information.
  • We need to tell a grown up if we see or hear something that makes us upset or worried.
  • We will never look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty.